Welcome to 2017-2018 SCRIP!

Scrip is an easy way to earn rebates for both school and your family. Simply place an order for gift cards where you would normally spend money - grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, entertainment. You pay face value for each gift card BUT you will earn a rebate on each card as well - half of that goes to Star and half goes to you!

Joining Our Scrip Program

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CLICK HERE for an order form.

The first order of the school year will be placed on Monday, September 10 and will be delivered the following Friday. Orders can be picked up in front of the office or before school starts.

Click on the following links for even more information on fundraising, ordering, paying, etc.
Fundraising While You Shop
Potential Earnings
Presto Pay
Reload and Reload

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Shelley Wisniewski