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» The Book of Revelation: Part 6
Comfort in the midst of conflict: Revelation 12 to 15  Timothy J. Westendorf  Seven churches. Seven seals. Seven trumpets. The next grouping is comprised of seven mini-visions. They are recorded in Revelation chapters 12–15. We’ll cover the first three this month.   The red dragon  The first mini-vision plays out in three distinct but interconnected scenes. We see a woman, glorious, “clothed with the sun” and reigning “with the moon under her feet.” The 12 stars in her Continued.

» Heart to heart: Parent conversations: What’s a parent’s role as a child dates?
What’s a parent’s role as a child dates? It’s not often that I don’t chime in with my opinion on a topic, but this is going to be one of those rare moments. My oldest just turned 13, and although the prospect of dating is getting closer every day, this is not a topic with which I have Continued.

» Ambassadors: Help them see Jesus : Part 7
Face opposition with courage and confidence  Eric S. Roecker  It was a fabulous fall day. The sun was shining. Brightly colored leaves were floating downward from the trees. The air had just a hint of the crispness that makes fall feel like fall.  It was a fabulous fall day. And I was doing what I loved—walking a neighborhood near our church, handing out invitations. Continued.

» Ambassadors: How I shared Jesus – submissions
Through several different series, Forward in Christ authors have been providing tips and encouragement from their own personal experiences about how to share God’s Word with people who desperately need to hear about God’s grace.   We asked for your feedback, and several of you have shared your own tips, encouragements, and outreach stories. Take a look: A waiting room opportunity  Betty Pfeiffer, a member at Heritage, Gilbert, Arizona, shares her Continued.

» Our very great reward
After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.” Genesis 15:1              Daniel J. Habben  What is the greatest reward you’ve ever received? Your fifth-grade spelling bee trophy? A medal from a race in which you set a personal record? A work-related bonus delivered to you personally by an appreciative boss?   The best reward possible  God once told the patriarch Abraham Continued.

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