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» Majoring on the minors – Part 12
Malachi: “The Son-Rise”  Thomas D. Kock It was about a 20-hour trip to reach our summer vacation destination. Since the kids were young, it made more sense to drive through the night while they slept.   I listened to tapes, slurped down coffee (but not too much so I wouldn’t have to stop), and munched on sunflower seeds. Sometimes I’d slap myself Continued.

» A very safe prediction for 2019
Mark G. Schroeder My wife and children absolutely hate it when I made predictions. That’s because my predictions more often than not are wrong.   They cringe when I predict a win for our favorite football or baseball team, because that prediction usually guarantees a loss. They moan when I predict good weather for a family event and immediately Continued.

» The Book of Revelation: Part 2
Comfort in the midst of conflict: Revelation 2 and 3 Timothy J. Westendorf  Introduction  Revelation is symbolic. That’s important to remember, and symbolic numbers play a big role.   The number seven (7) is the most common. It is used multiple times in the first chapter. The entire revelation can be conveniently divided into seven parts or visions, with the number seven appearing throughout.   But Revelation isn’t the first time God uses that Continued.

» Evangelism lessons from the Savior: Account of the rich young man: Part 3
A time and place for sad reflection James F. Borgwardt  Jedidiah Davidson lived an extraordinary life. He was acclaimed as a scholar and songwriter, statesman and orator, a king of international commerce. He lectured expertly on so many topics that people traveled from great distances just to hear him speak.  Yet, at the end of his life, the successes that astounded others no longer satisfied him. His world-renowned achievements had become hollow trinkets of a restless life apart from God.   I sat down to listen to him the other day. He introduced himself simply as Teacher. This was King David’s Continued.

» Ambassadors: Help them find Jesus : Part 3
When we share our faith, every situation—and every person—is different.  Jeremiah J. Gumm  “If your God is so almighty, why is there poverty in Africa?”   I was a new pastor fresh out of the seminary. I had just walked into George’s living room for an every member visit. George’s wife was a longtime member of our congregation, but George? At the time, he had little use for God or Continued.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." ~ Genesis 1:1