Eugene Szaj

 Congregational President

I was elected to serve as your Congregational President in January 2015 having previously served as Financial Secretary for two years.
The Congregational President’s responsibilities include developing agendas for all Voters’ Assembly, Ministry Council, Executive Leadership Team, Call, and Informational meetings, preside as chairman at each of these meetings, and ensure that all decisions are executed.  Other duties may be assigned.  The Congregational President has general supervision of the affairs of the congregation subject to the Constitution and Bylaws, signs legal documents as directed to be executed by the congregation and conducts all its business affairs according to established good order.  The Congregational President is an ex-officio member of all ministry teams.  He is to collaborate with other leaders of the congregation toward the welfare of the entire congregation and good of God’s kingdom.
As Congregational President, I report to the voters.
Ministry Council meetings are usually held the third Tuesday of each month.  The minutes of these meetings are typically published a few weeks later.
My wife, Nanette, and I have been members of Star of Bethlehem since 1990.  We have been blessed with two children and two grandchildren.  Nan is currently a substitute school teacher serving Star of Bethlehem when needed along with two other school districts in the immediate area.
Previously, I have served our church in a variety of positions, including on the Board of Elders, Stewardship Committee, Church Building Committee, Treasurer, Praise Band, and as an usher.  In addition to my current position as Congregational President, I also serve on the Star Cares Committee and as a member of the Adult Choir and the Male Choir.  Outside of Star, I currently serve as the chairman of the WELS Retirement Program Commission where I am currently completing my twelfth (and final) continuous year.
In my work life, I am the owner of a Brookfield-based investment management firm, Disciplined Financial Services, Inc. which focuses on investment strategies during bull and bear markets.  I graduated in 1971 from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and astronomy.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." ~ Genesis 1:1