Mr. John Schleis

 Grade 4 and Technology Coordinator
 Phone:262-786-2900 (after hours extension 105)

Thank-you for giving me to opportunity to teach your children! It is my prayer that we grow together as a team to assist your children to use their God-given gifts to their fullest potential.
I enjoy the privilege to serve as an educator that shares God’s Word with my students daily. I strive to meet my students where they are and then motivate them for success.Technology is my passion. I use a balanced approach in weaving technology into my classroom by inspiring my students to use it as a tool for expanding their learning. Open communication and out-of-the-box solutions are what I challenge myself and my students to achieve. As a Christian educator, it is my calling to teach students to apply God's Word in everything they do.
Personal Background
I was born in Saginaw, MI. A few short years later, we moved to Marathon City, Wisconsin. I attended Our Savior Lutheran School in Wausau for many years. My family then moved to Green Bay, WI. I finished my grade school years there and then attended Fox Valley Lutheran High School in Appleton. During those years I grew in a love for my Savior as well as God’s gift of music. I then went onto Martin Luther College, received my Bachelors, and met his wonderful wife Amy. We served together in the teaching ministry at Zion in South Milwaukee,Wisconsin until I accepted a call to serve at New Hope Lutheran Academy in West Melbourne, Florida. I served there for two wonderful years until accepting the call here at Star of Bethlehem. We have the privilege of raising our two daughters, Naomi and Selah. We enjoy cheering on our Green Bay Packers and spending time outdoors.
I love teaching and sharing my faith with my students. God blesses beyond what we understand and guiding my students to their Savior is such a joy and privilege. Watching my kids grow in their faith is a true joy in ministry. I am obsessed with educational technology. I love finding new ways to engage my students in the classroom. Teaching my students to use technology as a tool is what I strive to accomplish.
Education and Experience
  • Graduated from Fox Valley Lutheran High School (‘06), Bachelors at Martin Luther College (‘10)
  • Zion Lutheran School, South Milwaukee, WI-Grade 2, Special Events Coordinator and Worship Coordinator,2010-2015
  • New Hope Lutheran Academy, West Melbourne, Florida-Grades 5-6-Technology Director, Assist with Administration, PeeWee Soccer coach, 2015-2017
Active learning takes place in our classroom. Students will be challenged and in engaged in a fun and focused atmosphere. Hands on activities and group work are used on a daily basis.
A typical day in our classroom includes Word of God, Reading, English or Writing, Social Studies or Science, Math, and Spelling. Subjects that are covered once a week are Penmanship, Music, Art,
Technology and Physical Education. God’s Word is integrated into all subject matter throughout
the day.
Reading is taught using a balanced reading approach. The language processes, (listening,
speaking, reading, and writing), are learned naturally and in meaningful context as a whole, not
in parts. Phonics, as well as with other strategies needed for reading, is taught in the context
of “real” books, stories, and poetry. Students will review phonics rules, increase reading
fluency, and learn more comprehension strategies.
In Writing, the students take what they have learned previously and add to it to create
compositions that cover narrative, descriptive, and persuasive writing. They also create a
published work each year. In addition poetry is studied as students create a wide variety of
In Social Studies, the regions of the United States are studied. In addition the history of our
state, Wisconsin, is studied.
Science covers a variety of units. Major units include the earth, electricity and the Solar System,
with smaller units also covered throughout the year. Hands on experiments are used as often
as possible in science class. Two additional units on force and flight are used from the STEM
Launch units which focus students on problem solving skills.
Our Math curriculum includes a daily math period in which a lesson taught through
modeling, practice time, hands-on activity, or game to reinforce the lesson. Assignments show
that they have an understanding of the concept. The instruction will be differentiated to assist students in mastering concepts.
Other Areas of Service in the Church and School
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Member of the Praise Band
  • Various musical groups at church