Baptismal Font

Star of Bethlehem Baptismal FontBaptismal Font


The baptismal font is intentionally placed prominently at the entry of our church to remind us of the significance of this sacrament. It is through the gift of this sacrament that God miraculously washes away our sins, works faith in our hearts and brings us into the family of believers.


Every time we enter the sanctuary the prominence of the font will serve to help us remember our baptism. It will vividly display the sacrament to our children and to those visitors who are not baptized. It will be a symbol of God’s love when brides and grooms exchange their vows, and it will be a comfort and assurance as funeral caskets pass by. 


The baptismal font is by far the most artistic element of worship in the sanctuary. All of the sanctuary was designed to be beautiful, but the font was specifically designed to convey the wonder and mystery of this gift.



Font Symbolism

  • The base is made of limestone rock – Jesus is our rock. 
  • The font basin rests on this secure rock base just as our faith rests secure on Jesus. 
  • The running water is the ‘Living Water’ that we have in Jesus.
  • The font is awash with the waves crashing around it just as the troubles of this world crash around us but they cannot harm us. Secure we rest in Jesus.






"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" ~ John 3:16