Puppet Ministry
RWW Puppets: End of Year Show 2024
RWW Puppets: Valentine Show 2024
RWW Puppets: Christmas Show 2023
RWW Puppets: Thanksgiving Show 2023
Star of Bethlehem presents the RWW Puppets

RWW Puppets is the puppet ministry team of Star of Bethlehm Lutheran Church and School. Our puppet ministry program is made of 5th - 8th grade students who are dedicated to spreading God's word through the creative art of puppetry. We often perform for our Preschool, Sunday School, and community events such as Christmas for Kids, Easter for Kids and Vacation Bible School. We are also available to perform in the community with a 2 month advance request. Our directors, Mr. and Mrs. Larabee, have over fifteen years of Puppetry experience.