Wisconsin Parental Choice Program
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The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) allows students who qualify and are selected to attend a private school with tuition costs fully covered by state aid.   The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) oversees the program.  All information related to the program can be found on their site by CLICKING HERE.

Residents of Wisconsin that do not live in the City of Milwaukee or the Racine Unified School District are eligible to apply to the WPCP.  If new to the program, you must meet specific income requirements (CLICK HERE for more info). 

If you wish to apply under the WPCP, you will need to complete and submit your WPCP Application online between February 1 - April 21 using the link at the bottom of this page.


All WPCP families are required to apply online during the designated enrollment period between February 1 - April 21.  Star is not allowed by state law to receive applications outside the designated enrollment period.

After applying online, you need to bring in your verifying documents, instructed by your individual online application, during normal school hours to the Star of Bethlehem School Office.  Please ask for our Office Manager, Mrs. Jodi Wandschneider. 

WPCP requires all applicants to provide proper proof of residency. Proper proof of residency must include one of the following current (dated within the last 3 months) documents:
  1. Current utility bill in the name of the parent/guardian at the address on the student application. Acceptable utility bills include a bill for light, water, gas, electric, cable, or landline phone. Cell phone bills are NOT acceptable.

  2. 2021 Property Tax bill OR current Lease agreement (must be signed and dated by both Lessee/Lessor).

  3. Current wage statement (paycheck or W2) in the name of the parent/guardian at the address on the student application.

  4. Recent government correspondence such as SSI, “W2” cash benefits, Food Share or Housing Assistance letter. It must have the address listed and the name of the parent/guardian on the student application.

WPCP requires parents of all new Star applicants to provide proper income documentation. Parents of new students may either:

  1. Provide their Social Security numbers of taxpayer identification number and have the Department of Revenue (DOR Method) determine whether the student is income eligible for the program (Star recommends using this method - Note: this method uses prior year tax information if current year tax return has not been filed)


  2. Use the Department of Public Instruction's income determination method (DPI Method) by answering a series of income questions in the Online Parent Application and providing supporting income documentation to the school(s).

Proper proof of income documents:
  1. The first two pages of your signed 2021 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040) are required if you file for income tax. Please make plans to have your taxes prepared as soon as you receive your employer W2 statements.

  2. If it is impossible to have your tax return completed by April 15, you may bring in all income documentation (i.e. - Employer W2s, 1099s, etc.)

  3. If you do not file for income tax, you must provide all other income documentation for 2021 (i.e. Social Security statements, Unemployment Compensation statements, Food Share, Child Support, etc.)