Mr. Eric Fillner

 Grade 6 Teacher, Science, Curriculum
 Phone:262-786-2900 (after hours ext 109)

I am blessed to serve Star as the sixth grade homeroom teacher. I also teach science for grades 5-8 and work with our school’s curriculum and instruction.
Personal Background
I was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. I am blessed to have parents who placed a high priority on Christian education. I went to a Lutheran grade school for grades K-8, where I had my parents as teachers every year except for kindergarten. I attended Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, Michigan for high school and went on to Martin Luther College. In 2006 I graduated from Martin Luther College with a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2018 I received my Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Martin Luther College. I am married to my wife, Kristal. The Lord has blessed us with two children, Brooklyn and Brayden.
Education and Experience
  • Michigan Lutheran Seminary (2002)
  • Martin Luther College (2006)
  • Martin Luther College Master’s Program (2018)
  • Member, Lutheran Science Institute
  • l taught 8th grade at Apostles Lutheran School in San Jose, CA. (2006-2015)
  • I taught 6th & 7th grade at Zion Lutheran School in South Milwaukee, WI. (2015-2018)
  • I accepted the call to teach at Star of Bethlehem in 2018.  
Word of God and devotions are the foundations on which we build each school day. It is at these times we see what God has done for us and how it applies to our lives. Additionally, his word is integrated across subjects and throughout the day.
In science we cover physical science, life science, earth science, and a little bit of chemistry. Science class includes experiments, hands on activities, and readings to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts we are studying. A main goal throughout science is to have the students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.
In physical education we use the SPARK program. The main goal of this program is to keep the children moving as much as possible while learning new body-kinesthetic skills, activities, and communication skills.
Other Areas of Service in the Church and School
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • 3D Print Club