Mr. Dan Larabee

 Grade 5 Teacher, Social Studies and Spanish
 Phone:262-786-2900 (after hours ext 107)

It is truly a blessing to be the 5th – 8th grade Social Studies Teacher here at Star. I enjoy being able to teach history (both World and American History) from the all too important perspective of how God uses history to carry out his plan. Hopefully, through this, I can help the children see that God’s hand is a constant in our lives, and that God is always working towards the good of his kingdom.
Personal Background

I have been married to Laura since 2000. We have been blessed with three wonderful children, Hope Faith, and Benjamin. Before receiving my call to Star of Bethlehem I was living in Texas, but actually spent most of my childhood in Ohio. I have many hobbies including reading and Puppetry. Puppetry is of course, the hobby I am most passionate about, and I have enjoyed being able to share it this with the children at Star through our Puppet Ministry program.
Education and Experience

  • 1998: Graduated from MLC 
  • 1998: Began teaching Grade 4 at Star of Bethlehem 

  • 2009: Began Teaching 5th- 8th Grade History 

  • 2007- 2009: Served on the program committee for the Metro Milwaukee WELS teacher conference

The fifth grade social studies curriculum contains an overview of American history. Of course students study God's role in history of our country. In Geography we study basic geography skills and review the geography of the United States and North America.
For sixth grade, the history focus is on ancient and world history. This includes studies of ancient kingdoms up through the middle ages. It is a true thrill to see how these civilizations were used to fulfill God's great plan. For Geography we will be studying the geography of Africa Europe and Asia.
The seventh and eighth grade history course will take us from Pre-Civil War times up through to the present. We will see how God continues to guide history to fulfill his will.
Geography will include reviews of the world geography as well as studies of the world's deserts, rivers, mountains, and population density.
Other Areas of Service in the Church and School

  • Puppet Ministry

  • Math Track and Meet Math

  • Chess Club

  • Lego Creativity Club

  • Spanish

  • First Lego League Robotics