Mrs. Meghan Mache

 Grade 1 Teacher

I feel so blessed to be part of the Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School family!  As an educator, there is nothing that brings me more joy than to share God's Word with my students!  We find opportunities every day to talk about Jesus throughout all of our subjects.

Personal Background

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas where I attended Mt. Olive Lutheran for al lof my grade school years.  I am the oldest of four children.  When I was ready for high school, my parents decided to move our family to Wisconsin to be cloer to a WELS high school.  I graduated from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School and went on to Marquette University to major in education and play volleyball.  While at Marquette, I met my husband, Matthew, and we were married in 2017.  We enjoy spending time outside training for races and camping.  We also enjoy traveling when we get the chance.

Education & Expeience
  • Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (2012)
  • Marquette University College of Education, Bachelors Degree (2016)
  • Marquette University College of Education, Masters Degree (2019)
  • Taught 2nd grade, 3rd grade at Garden Homes Lutheran in Milwaukee (2017-2021)

Active learing takes place in our classroom by using as many of the five senses as possible and by talking about what we are learning.  Our room is not always a silent one, but it is structured in order to effectively teach and have a good learning environment for each student.

A typical day in our classroom includes Word of God, Reading, Math, Language, Spelling, and Writing.  Science and Social Students units alternate throughout the year.  Subjects that are covered twice a week are Penmanship, Music, and Physical Education.  Art is taught at the end of the week.  God's Word is integrated into all subject mattre throughout the day, where it is appropriate.  

Reading is taught using a balanced reading approach.  The language processes (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are learned naturally and in a meaningful context.  Strategies needed for reading are taught in the context of books, stories, and poetry.  Reading is everywhere, all day in our classroom.  Students will review phonics rules, increase reading fluency, and learn more comprehension strategies.

In Writing, the students learn to think about, use their knowledge, and narrative stories.  Along with applying phonics, they will have the opporunitiy to practice their penmanship, learn about the writing process, grammar, and mechanics of good writing.  The children have the opportunity to share their work with their classmates.

A typical math class includs a lesson taught through modeling, practice time, hands-on activity, or game to reinforce the lesson.  Assignments show that they have an understanding of the concept.